Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Womb with a View


Greyson had a wonderful day today. When we have our good days I am able to sit and think about some positives. Today I thought about Greyson laying inside this warm plastic box and realized its much more than a plastic box… it’s a womb with a view! How fortunate am I to have the ability to see my little one grow, this is truly a miracle. Now don’t mistake my positive outlook- everyday I am pained by the realization that he’s no longer in my belly.

I was surprised to visit this morning and see that Grey’s PICC line had not been removed. According to our nurse, Greyson was doing a good job of fighting this infection and the removal of the PICC line was still pending. He was also down on his oxygen settings and did not desat once during my visit- even when I changed his diaper and cleaned his dirty bottom! This was a first. Our nurse also explained that Greyson will probably be taken off the jet ventilator and put back on the conventional vent sometime this week- big improvement! I’m always cautious posting these future plans b/c conditions change like the wind in the NICU. Right now we are all silently cheering on our little man! We don’t want him listening and then deciding to make a change

Another milestone… Greyson had his first pacifier run today! I almost cried when I saw the little pacifier sitting in his incubator. I immediately questioned the nurse and learned he had taken it a few hours earlier and the nurse further explained that it seemed to comfort him. I tried to give it to him a few hours later but didn’t have much success. This will definitely be my next picture.


stephl119 said...

Go Grey! I am so happy to hear all of this! I will continue to pray for and look forward these positive changes. Can't wait to see Greyson with his pacifier :)

wehdostables said...

YAY! The pacifier is a big step in preventing the aversion. Congratulations! Mary Farris learned to love hers and even started sucking her thumb on the vent. I hope the vent change is uneventful. Oh and remember, just smile when everyone in the world has to tell you their story about their little 4lb preemie and how they understand what you are going through. They are just trying to help even though they are not. It is normal to mourn the loss of your pregnancy, too. We are here for you!!

Missy said...

Hey Kiley, Just wanted to let you know you and Greyson continue to be in my thoughts. My POSITIVE thoughts! :-)

Robbie said...

Praise God for the wonderful news. I am praying for him morning and evening. Elise will say, "we have to pray for Greyson, Mama!" I have shown her pics of him. She likes his ear muffs. I prayed very deeply for him today asking God to heal and protect him because he is his baby. Also, to keep him out of pain and bring peace to him as well as to you and Matthew. It is nice to read this and read the progress. What I also like is that you are staying strong in your faith during this very scary and confusing time. I am sure Matt is as well. You are a bottle of strength, but I never thought differently!! : ) We all miss you at work.

John said...

Hey Ki and Matt, Looking good. This Grey guy is doing well enough considering all he has to battle. I know its tough but leave it all with the Lord always. Never waiver from that faith. Never.

I love all you guys, even Joyce. LOL. Smile. jh
P.S. I like to put things in my mouth still. (oopps) I mean pacifiers like a cigar, you know I mean, well well, ok then. JDH

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