Wednesday, August 26, 2009


First, I'd like to thank everyone for the comments and emails about baby scooting :) It is obvious that Grey is not the only scooter around and it makes me feel much better.

Grey started rolling over on Monday- very exciting. I was able to capture a roll with my iphone yesterday. What a big boy! I also just noticed this week that he is growing out of all his newborn outfits. I guess I need to start getting out all the 0-3 months gear. I think he is going to continue growing like a weed! One of my co-workers called and asked if we were feeding him miracle grow! Sure feels like it.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


So my new concern is Grey’s crib scooting! Matthew and I only put Greyson in his crib once he has fallen asleep. However, that sleep is immediately stirred once he hits the sheet! He now starts his scooting routine. This scooting has the same result- his sweet little face planted in the bumper in the corner of his crib! The first time Matthew and I witnessed this we really laughed it up. Now it is no longer funny and I’m finding it rather concerning. We literally repositioned him 5 times last night and I finally gave up and put him in bed with us. While in bed, he found my armpit and nuzzled his face there! What the heck is going on?!? Even with the angel monitor working, I am not comfortable with his face squished into any fabric. I asked my siblings today about my niece and nephew (both 9mos) and they have pretty normal sleeping habits. I won’t mention that Tay hasn’t seen her crib :) Anyway, I have no idea if this scooting is normal and by normal I mean common among babies. I have to get some footage of this scooting- it is pretty entertaining watching Grey do the worm.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Photo Shoot Please

So I greeted Matthew today and demanded a photo shoot! He takes the best pictures of Grey. I know he is so tired of me saying “please get out the camera!” I am constantly worrying that we don’t have enough pictures of Grey and I feel like he is growing so fast. He is really starting to wiggle and move around now. I have no idea when he’ll be able to sit up or roll over but he sure scoots that little body up and down and around. I am also still waiting for a genuine smile. He randomly smiles but I’m ready for him to smile at mommy!

Anyway- here are a few of my favorite shots.

Grey's Shower

faith, stephanie, amber, mehgann, me, amy, tricia, stef, christina, selina, jarrett

camilla with her elephant purse

So I decided that it would be nice to post a few shower photos. I wanted to include the picture of my beautiful girlfriends. I was so excited to see them! Life has been so hectic that I just now had the opportunity to view these photos last night. My mother and sister threw this wonderful shower for me. And our designer, Robin, came up with the elephant theme and created the adorable elephant decor and invitations.

Greyson is doing great. He is eating like a machine! I am eager for a weight check soon. He slept in his crib last night for the first time! I usually put him in bed with Matthew and I around 3 or 4 am every morning. He is such a big boy.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Sunday Stroll

Just an update…

Greyson is doing well. We went on our Sunday stroll this evening. Matthew and I like to take Greyson on a stroller ride, usually on Sunday evenings, when the heat has died down a bit. I enjoy these simple outings. I rarely leave the house with Grey but I do think some fresh air is important. Besides check-up appointments, Grey and I are homebound. We’ve only been home for a month and it’s hard to make arrangements each time you need to leave the house. We are very thankful to have a wonderful Gigi and Poppi to help out!

Greyson has an appointment on the 28th and we will learn if he needs another hernia repair surgery. 3 days before leaving the NICU, Greyson had an inguinal hernia repair on his left side. Well, at our first check-up appointment, our pediatrician expressed immediately concern that the right side also needed repair. Needless to say, I am terribly disappointed that both were not corrected with the same surgery. I want Greyson to be as comfortable as possible but I also want to protect him from any pain and surgery is painful so I’m not looking forward to this appointment.

Even without a recent weigh-in, I can assure everyone Grey is growing right along. He loves his bottle! I am still feeding him on demand, which honestly might produced a little piglet but I’ll stop when the pediatrician states concern. I’m guessing he weighs close to 9 pounds.