Sunday, August 23, 2009


So my new concern is Grey’s crib scooting! Matthew and I only put Greyson in his crib once he has fallen asleep. However, that sleep is immediately stirred once he hits the sheet! He now starts his scooting routine. This scooting has the same result- his sweet little face planted in the bumper in the corner of his crib! The first time Matthew and I witnessed this we really laughed it up. Now it is no longer funny and I’m finding it rather concerning. We literally repositioned him 5 times last night and I finally gave up and put him in bed with us. While in bed, he found my armpit and nuzzled his face there! What the heck is going on?!? Even with the angel monitor working, I am not comfortable with his face squished into any fabric. I asked my siblings today about my niece and nephew (both 9mos) and they have pretty normal sleeping habits. I won’t mention that Tay hasn’t seen her crib :) Anyway, I have no idea if this scooting is normal and by normal I mean common among babies. I have to get some footage of this scooting- it is pretty entertaining watching Grey do the worm.


Rachel E said...

I am friends with Sarah Gilliam and read your post through her blog. My 16 month always scooted himself to the top of his crib or our bed or anywhere he was sleeping and he still does. We never used bumper pads because our pediatrician suggested not to but then I always felt guilty when his head was pushed against bare rails and he would get a line on his head. I think it's perfectly normal for some babies to scoot to the top of the bed! I think it just makes them feel safe!

Jeff and Jordan said...

Girl Charlotte won't stop scooting! We tried to get her to stop, she started at 4 months and is 7 months now and still does it. She won't sleep unless her head is pushed up against her bumper and usually in the corner. It was a concern for me for sure. It was the worst when she was on her stomach and she was in the corner, I was so afraid she couldn't breathe. But she has done totally fine! I dont' think it is something you can stop, sorry :( My biggest problem with it now is that she pushes so hard that she gets a big rats nest in her hair haha. She has gotten underneath the bumper some too, but again, i don't know how to stop it. Keep an eye out for sure, but they will be babies :)

wehdostables said...

Hey girl!! Grey has gotten so big. Mary Farris did this, too, but she was on a pulse ox so we didn't worry. When we freaked out was when she learned to scoot on her back and backbend her head in the corner. I just knew she would break her neck! I wouldn't put her to bed until I knew she was asleep. She stopped when she learned to crawl on her belly. Then she learned to sit up and pull up and bumps her head on the rails. You just love him and don't want him hurt but I feel confident that this is all normal. Hang in there! He looks great.

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