Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hello 2011

We’ve had a pretty eventful 2011 thus far – 15 days into the new year! We began our year with a visit to the emergency room where Greyson received 4 stitches after lacerating his chin. Grey climbed into cousin Taylor’s baby stroller and flipped it – landing chin first on the hardwood. Tomorrow we go into surgery in hopes of draining that pesky middle ear fluid! Greyson will have tubes placed into both ears. Our day will begin early and I’m hopeful everything will go smoothly. I’m also hoping we see a little less of Vanderbilt Children’s hospital the remainder of this year. Little man continues his fearless exploration, which leaves us all a bit nervous. The other night he was dragging my largest pot down the hall, I’m pretty sure it is bigger and outweighs him. Matt noticed blood on his face and rushed him into the bathroom - just a busted a lip. I guess the pot was winning the tug a war but Grey wasn’t ready to retreat back to normal play. Gigi called me at work the other day to tell me that somehow Grey managed to climb into his crib – unassisted while she was out of the room. She was truly stumped and overall concerned – I wasn’t surprised. He’s been bossing with his tiny finger and shaking it at Matthew and I while repeating a very authoritative “no, no, no!” I haven’t decided how to handle this new habit but I see a time out chair in our future.

I’m happy to report that Greyson has been drinking more pediasure. We are very close to our goal – 3 bottles a day. I’m eager to get an accurate weight tomorrow. When traveling with me he’s still in his infant carrier, which his legs dangle over at this point. He’s definitely outgrown the car seat but he hasn’t reached the 20 pound weight requirement. However, he's been loving the new mini reese cup bites.