Sunday, December 19, 2010

Goodbye December

I clearly remember thinking… good riddance 2009! I was beyond ready to put that year past us. Now the time is drawing near to say goodbye to 2010. Another year that seemed to slip away.

So many people have observed Matthew and I with Grey and they always seem to advise… cherish these moments because they will be gone before you know it. There is much truth behind that statement. Lately I’ve been torturing myself with videos of Grey as a tiny infant. How do I watch these videos without getting that awful lump in my throat and yearning to hold his infant form? It makes me think of the quote… the good times of today are the sad memories of tomorrow. This isn’t always true but seems to fit how I feel about baby Grey. I love looking at the joyous photos, especially when we first brought him home, but then I am sad that it is gone. Sad that I cannot stop the clock- for just one minute.

Okay, enough with being sad that Grey isn’t a tiny baby that needs to be held by me every second. Grey is still on track and continues to amaze us! He’s really starting to talk! His favorite past time is to be carried around the house while pointing to objects saying, “I need that!” Oddly enough, he seems to need everything! I’m still convinced he is the world’s top Meddler. Matthew and I never got on board with all the baby protective stuff (I know it sounds bad) Well now all our cabinets are vulnerable to his curiosity. He’s masterful and can empty them in seconds! It is often that I find a pot or pan in my bedroom closet or my toothbrush in the toilet (icky!) And I won’t even rattle your nerves with the climbing stories… but its unreal.

Playing with his trucks: thanks Gigi and Poppie

One of the many familiar faces of December

We took Grey to Opryland to see the lights - the hotel is still amazing even after the May flood

Grey looks like a big boy in this pic - but he's not :)

We love you all and hope you had a wonderful year!

Pancakes in the Morning...

There are very few food items that Grey actually enjoys. However, we have identified one that he really likes... pancakes!!

We have pancakes sometimes for breakfast, lunch & dinner. We load up on the butter & syrup! Other than pancakes, he favors healthy foods like apples, grapes, strawberries and cheeses.

This morning we got up and made pancakes... again!