Saturday, September 8, 2012

G goes to School

Greyson started a preschool program on August 20.  He's currently enrolled in the The Gardner School.    I know it's important to give Grey certain opportunities that we cannot provide at home.  At the very least, he will acquire the socialization skills necessary to prepare him for Kindergarten and beyond.  During his last visit with the NICU follow -up clinic, which was 5 months ago, the Pediatrician and Behavior therapist both recommended a structured pre-school environment a few days a week.  Even though we've all coddled  G and I worry about his tender soul, I think this experience is valuable.  Well, at least I tell myself this in my weakest moments.  We still have a lot of legitimate concerns with our little man.  G managed to only gain 1/2 a pound all summer.  He's still only weighing in @ 24 lb., which honestly is the weight of many 12 month olds.  He wears mostly 18-24 months in clothes, which makes us all a little sad.  Gigi is convinced he will be pushed around by the heavy weights in his class.  I know he will be okay, according to his teachers, Grey is a cheerful, outgoing leader.  I pray his teachers will provide the love and safety that we give him each day.  More to come on the pre-school experience.

Favorite Character: Diego
Favorite Food: Chocolate Chip Granola Bar
Favorite Saying: "I'm just a baby"

Favorite Toy: Plastic Skeleton