Sunday, September 4, 2011

Finally Fall

Okay, so I’ve been a bit negligent on updating the blog – I apologize, especially to those who have sent me personal emails telling me to get busy!
We’ve been very busy lately. July/August is the most demanding time of year for me at work. Matt is also busy with home designs and a few side projects. It’s amazing how time slips by – I’m still startled that it’s September. However, I am excited that we are finally entering the fall season. I love everything about fall! Pumpkins, craft fairs, cool weather, and beautiful leaves. I truly enjoy walking across Vanderbilt’s campus in the fall – it’s gorgeous.

We just had Grey’s 2 year checkup and all is good, except, for his weight (not a big surprise). Grey weighed 22 pounds at this appointment – including clothes. It’s fair and accurate to say he is small. We are still significantly off the chart… I’m really starting to detest the growth chart. I’ve agreed to try feeding therapy again. I think I’m to the point where I would try anything. However, Grey does eat. He’s overly particular about his choices but really what 2 year old eats everything you introduce – I’m hoping very few for my own sanity. He’s particular and favor’s meats like sausage and pepperonis and likes fruit like apples and grapes. He’s a huge fan of mini reese’s cups and we allow them every day if he wants them. Yesterday he ate eggs and cheese – huge success! This morning Matt tried getting him to take a spoon full of coconut oil – fail!

Grey’s becoming more skillful with this mischief. He is truly an explorer. Yesterday we had him at the pool and he ran around exploring until he found something of interest – a friend’s camera. I saw the look in his eye – the camera was going to end up in the pool! I jogged through the pool water as quick as anyone’s legs can carry you in water – I caught the camera before it made a splash. Now these are the moments when I need “time out” to mean something.

He still favors the phrase “mine!” and his little voice is so funny that we’ve encouraged this impolite phrase with constant laughter. He also says “hooray, I did it” about very simple tasks like opening a box that he’s opened 100 times. My favorite is “where’s daddy” which is said 50 times a day. I must say that Grey is more tender than terrible. He still loves to cuddle and give kisses, which means the world to me. He’s a sweet lovey baby still.

Beginning to introduce the potty - more to come...