Sunday, February 13, 2011

Is that the Sun Shining?

I think it’s safe to say that we’ve had a harsh winter this year. I moved to TN in 93and we’ve hands down had the most snow this year. Snow is beautiful and exciting however, the excitement quickly vanishes when it results in treacherous driving conditions and 3 hour commutes to and from work. Grey only knows that we rush him from car to house and yell “its cold” as he giggles is way through the chill of the wind. We are definitely welcoming the warmer weather and longer days for play. Today we were pleasantly surprised with 60 degrees! I was so eager to take Greyson outside that I paced the floor while he napped. I even turned up my house cleaning music a little louder than usual in hopes that he wouldn’t sleep too deep and miss the sunshine! Matthew and I decided to take him to the park by our house. I wasn’t sure if the excursion would be a success because he’s still small for jungle gyms – however, Mr. Fearless welcomed the play ground with open arms and squeals of joy. He didn’t even hesitate before running to a slide and zooming down. Don’t let his size stir any doubt – he’s a big boy with a big attitude. We went to Cracker Barrel the other night and he ran through the toy area and saying “hey!” to all the sales associates. One lady bent down and showed him an animal and said “what’s this?” and Grey said “I don’t know” She immediately left and came back with 2 other associates and said… you have to see this baby talking! Sometimes you just don’t feel like explaining that he was a 25 weeker so the women watched in awe as the infant spoke words… this infant is almost 2! Speaking of size, I think we have hit 20 lbs. Grey is still finicky when it comes to food. It’s like we don’t have any consistency – besides grapes. He loves something one day and won’t even touch it the next. I made homemade blueberry pancakes this morning and he wouldn’t even open his mouth… sad. However, we keep trying foods and continue to tap into our culinary creative side.

Oh and I must comment that since the tubes, Grey is really starting to talk. He’s certainly interested in mimicking sounds and words. Not just sounds and words – sentences! I have to admit I’m a bit relieved - a fear to check off my list – he will talk.

Here are some pictures from our day. Thank you Mr. Sunshine for making our day!