Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Sunday Stroll

Just an update…

Greyson is doing well. We went on our Sunday stroll this evening. Matthew and I like to take Greyson on a stroller ride, usually on Sunday evenings, when the heat has died down a bit. I enjoy these simple outings. I rarely leave the house with Grey but I do think some fresh air is important. Besides check-up appointments, Grey and I are homebound. We’ve only been home for a month and it’s hard to make arrangements each time you need to leave the house. We are very thankful to have a wonderful Gigi and Poppi to help out!

Greyson has an appointment on the 28th and we will learn if he needs another hernia repair surgery. 3 days before leaving the NICU, Greyson had an inguinal hernia repair on his left side. Well, at our first check-up appointment, our pediatrician expressed immediately concern that the right side also needed repair. Needless to say, I am terribly disappointed that both were not corrected with the same surgery. I want Greyson to be as comfortable as possible but I also want to protect him from any pain and surgery is painful so I’m not looking forward to this appointment.

Even without a recent weigh-in, I can assure everyone Grey is growing right along. He loves his bottle! I am still feeding him on demand, which honestly might produced a little piglet but I’ll stop when the pediatrician states concern. I’m guessing he weighs close to 9 pounds.

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