Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mr. Elephant isn't so BIG anymore!

4 Months today!!

Greyson is growing right along. I’m excited to announce he has slept in his crib for the past 2 nights (thank you Kristi for recommending the Angel Monitor.) Seriously, without this device I’d still be stumbling around in the night every 10 minutes. However, I do forget to turn off the alarm each time I remove him from the crib for a feeding, so Matthew gets a startling little wake-up several times throughout the night. The Angel Monitor will sound an alarm if there is no movement for 20 seconds. Moreover, there is a sensory pad that is placed under the mattress that monitors all movement. I tested it several times and it proves to work. We still take our early morning nap together. Greyson sleeps on my chest for about an hour. He loves to sleep on Matthew and me.

I was browsing through some pictures the other day and decided that we needed a growth update with Mr. Elephant. Wow, the difference in size is amazing!


Debra Able said...

I am your Grandma Doris' hairdresser and I have been following Greyson for some time now. He is just the most beautiful boy!!!His eyes are so snappy, you can tell he is really thinking something. He is a miracle and you are awesome parents. The before and after photos with the elephant really tell the story of just much he has grown. Debra Able from Warsaw, Indiana

stephl119 said...

I love these pictures!! He is so cute. I need to see this rolly poly soon!!! :)

Jenny said...

Oh Kiley - I love this comparison! Mr. Grey has gotten sooo big! :)

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