Sunday, July 12, 2009

Home is where the Heart is

So we brought our sweet Greyson home on Saturday after 102 days in the NICU.

Matthew and I signed out of the NICU for the last time at 11:20am. This experience seems so unreal. I felt like I was running out of the NICU in fear of flooding the place with tears. I had one of those awful lumps in my throat the entire morning. I am truly going to miss our nurses, especially our primaries. Teri, Carlye, Jenny and Judith- I know Greyson misses you… well, we all miss you. Seriously, if it wasn’t for these nurses, I’d be in the asylum by now.

It is still strange having Grey home, just today I watched Gigi rocking him and thought “what’s he doing here?” Greyson spends the majority of his time being transferred from one person's arms to another. I wouldn’t say we are fighting over him but we are all eagerly awaiting our turn… and of course, I get first dibs. So far, he enjoys his swing and sleeps best on Matthew’s chest. And all of our conversations begin with ‘oh my gosh, please come look at Greyson!” I've fallen in love all over again. He is truly a gift and definitely worth the wait.

So this is where we truly begin our life with Greyson Matthew…


muggins mouse said...

YAY!!! I am SO happy for you guys!! I am almost in tears right now because this is just SO exciting for you guys!! Enjoy these moments and I am so glad that he is finally home :)

Emily said...

Im so excited for Grey to be home! He loves his Aunty Em too.. Okay the truth is he is a great Big MAMA'S BOY!!! I'll give them their time, then he is going to spend more than 2mn in my arms!!! We love GREY-GREY!!!!!

mommie &millie said...

OH GOD thank you so much!!!! the pic of the welcome home sign made me cry! It is so nice for me to see a HAPPY ending to such an event like this, I've been so hardened from what has happened in our family. Greyson has already been a witness of God's grace in his few days- what an accomplishment!!! God bless Greyson and the rollercoaster he put us all on!!!! ha. Can't wait to see him! LOVE YOU Robin

Rick & Diana said...

May God continue to bless you all. This is such a sweet story with a wonderful happy ending and new beginning. He is such a chunky monkey! And that is a wonderful thing.
With love from Indiana,
Diana (& Rick) Creech

wehdostables said...

Yep, tears from me, too. Congratulations. We have truly been amazed following Grey's progress. What a superstar he is. Can't wait to get our little miracles together for a playdate. Oh, and if you need some germ/handwashing signs to put on your stroller and front door I have some extra! Germ freak moms unite :0)

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