Wednesday, August 26, 2009


First, I'd like to thank everyone for the comments and emails about baby scooting :) It is obvious that Grey is not the only scooter around and it makes me feel much better.

Grey started rolling over on Monday- very exciting. I was able to capture a roll with my iphone yesterday. What a big boy! I also just noticed this week that he is growing out of all his newborn outfits. I guess I need to start getting out all the 0-3 months gear. I think he is going to continue growing like a weed! One of my co-workers called and asked if we were feeding him miracle grow! Sure feels like it.


stephl119 said...

SO good to see you both today!! Greyson is such a cute (or "coote" :) ) big boy! I am so pround of that sweet baby. And so happy for yall to have such a beautiful, healthy, blessing :)

Emily said...

Taylor says Go-Go Grey !!!

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