Saturday, April 4, 2009

Late Night

Matthew and I just returned from the hospital. Our little man is doing good. Greyson was awake at least 30 minutes of our visit. I definitely noticed tonight that Grey has Matthew's nose, which is okay- Matthew has a nice nose :) We arrived as the nurse was doing Grey's care- care meaning feeding, diaper change and simple vitals. Matthew and I were excited to learn that he gained an ounce! Greyson is weighing in today at 1 pound 11 ounces. We will continue to pray that the weight gain continues. It is common for the weight of preemies to fluctuate. As of today, Grey is consuming 2 cc's of breast milk.

Grey's skin looks better with each day- it is amazing the difference in just 4 simple days. The first couple days he looked like a little lizard ( a cute lizard) because his skin was covered in aquaphor. His skin is no longer greasy and looks very natural.

Today I can say that my emotions are stabilizing. I no longer sit through my visit with the stress induced lump in throat. I've also realized that it's okay to cry. Something about the tubes being in Grey's mouth makes me want to sob. I want him to be comfortable. My arms are aching to hold him. I would love to just sit with him on my chest for an hour. When he's bigger- I swear I am going to make this request.

Well, it is 1am here in TN and I should probably get some sleep. I'll update again on tomorrow's visit. Grandma from IN and Auntie from MI will be here tomorrow to meet Grey.

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