Monday, April 13, 2009


Well, we reached our first milestone today. Greyson Matthew Stokes weighs 2 pounds! My little heavy weight.

However, with good news comes bad news, right? We have been monitoring Grey’s patent ductus arteriosus since birth. Moreover, Grey’s first echogram revealed that his PDA was still open but the opening was very small. In normal newborns, the ductus arteriosus is substantially closed within 12-24 hours after birth, and is completely sealed after three weeks. However, in preemies the DA does not always close after birth. Another echogram today revealed that Greyson’s PDA opening has enlarged. The doctor thinks this is the reason for Grey’s unclear chest x-rays and the constant struggle with oxygen desaturation. So, our plan of action includes a dosage of indomethacin for 4 days. Studies show that 50% of PDAs will close with medication and 50% will require surgery. So, I am asking for more prayers. Please pray that the medication works. I can’t even fathom the idea of Grey having surgery- he is so fragile.

I wonder when these reports will not be so exhausting. As soon as the doctor pulls a chair to Grey’s bedside… I not only start sweating but I immediately feel drained. Sometimes I can’t even find the energy to complete thoughts or ask questions that make sense. I have to ask the names of medications like 4 times and I find myself trying to repeat what the doctor has said… this is always difficult. Later I attempt to reiterate the information to Matthew when he arrives only to find that none of it makes sense. Tonight I will include Matthew in my prayers. His strength appears to be crumbling a bit. He was so disappointed by tonight’s report.

Tomorrow is another day… another reason to be grateful.


Ellen said...

Matthew and Kiley,
We are 6 ounces and two weeks closer to our goal! I am grateful that the doctors have possible answers to the chest x-rays and desaturations. Thank God for the medication. I choose to believe it will work, but if we have to face surgery I believe that your miracle child will continue to show us all that he is a fighter. 2 pounds!!!! Yeah!!! He is tiny and mighty. You are wonderful parents and I am very proud of you. I know that Greyson can feel you willing him to grow healthy. I love you so much.
Aunt Ellen

stephL119 said...

So glad I got to see you yesterday! And so glad to hear he is up to 2. I am praying hard for Greyson and his heart and lungs, and that God will place his healing hand on Grey's precious body. I pray that the medication will be effective and Grey will not have to undergo surgery. But if that is the case, I know God will be right there with him. I am amazed by the strength you and Matthew have and continue to pray for both of you everyday as well. I have a lot of faith in all three of you and look forward to many more positive updates! :)

Emily said...

The Herberts are Praying for GREY!!!!

muggins mouse said...

2 pounds!! That IS great news!! I also am praying and thinking of you guys and that everything goes well every minute of every day, and that a "down" hopefully is followed by an "up"! Love you guys. Hope to see you tomorrow. ;-)

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