Friday, April 17, 2009

Little Precious

I don’t have any updated news right now. However, Matthew and I will learn tonight if the medicine closed Greyson’s open PDA. The doctor’s and nurses have been listening for a murmur, which tells them whether the PDA is still open. Yesterday the nurse explained that she heard a murmur early in the morning but also said that the nurse practitioner did not hear the murmur a few hours later- I’m not sure what to think of this information. At this point, I am attempting to mentally prepare myself for the news. There is a chance that if the PDA doesn’t close then we attempt another round of medication before surgery is scheduled. I’m sure the decision of another round of medication is dependent on whether the PDA shows any signs of improvement- meaning the opening is smaller.

I have included a short video with today’s posting. This is our precious Greyson. I think this small clip gives him so much more life than photos. I’ve watched it probably a hundred times. Maybe I’ll figure out how to rotate the next video :)

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mommie &millie said...

He's absolutely adorable!

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