Monday, April 6, 2009

A Quiet Evening

I visited with Greyson tonight for several hours. My dad dropped me off around 3pm and he stayed and visited for about an hour. The nurse warned me upon arrival that “he had a spell earlier” Spell meaning he became so agitated that his oxygen level has to be bumped up. So, Grey and I had a quite evening. I quietly spoke to him and simply rocked in a chair and watched him. I didn’t disturb him until his care time- if I am there during this time, which occurs every three hours then I change his diaper and sometimes I feed him. He was actually amusing me a little tonight. Anytime we adjusted the light visibility or spoke loudly he opened one eye for an evaluation. He would look all around and I just imagined him looking for something to be agitated about. As soon as Matthew arrived at 6pm he opened his eye to re-evaluate the new voice- I hope he knows that is Daddy’s voice. Matthew talked to the doctor tonight about last night’s episode and the doctor confirmed that the behavior is to be expected from preemies. I understand that Greyson doesn’t breathe on his own but I don’t want to see him turn blue and for the nurse to scramble to “bag him” I also have it in my head that the alarms on his machine weren’t sounding- however, I don’t know if this happened or not. I was so zoned in on what was happening that I’m not sure if I heard anything. Regardless of the exact events, I am thankful. Thankful for the nurses and thankful that Greyson is a fighter.

Greyson is up to 3 cc’s of breast milk and hopefully he is able to digest the amount and he can continue with the increases. He is still weighing in at 1 pound 11 ounces and I dream of the day that he will weigh 2 pounds! This will be a milestone for me.

Greyson also got to visit with Grandpa Stokes today. Matthew’s parents are wonderful and closer than us right now so they check on him constantly. We are fortunate to have the support of such loving families.


Sarah B. Quick said...

We are praying for you, baby Grey. We are sharing your story with so many who will pray for you, too. Kiley and Matthew, stay strong and know- you know the rest.

unajamie1225 said...

So glad to hear that he is gaining weight and eating more. You guys are in my prayers as well as everyone at the Store. Looking forward to seeing baby Greyson healthy! Love you guys,


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