Thursday, April 9, 2009

A New Machine

A new machine.

Well, the doctor’s have decided to try a new ventilator machine with Greyson. This machine gives him more tiny breaths of air. We are trying to prevent him from desating so often. In the past three days we’ve had to go up significantly on his oxygen settings and what we want to do is go down. Dr. Reese explained yesterday that Greyson is going to be on the vent for sometime. Moreover, his chest x-ray is still showing inflamed lungs so he is currently taking antibiotics just in case he is fighting an infection.

Yesterday I spent most of my day with Grey. I left and went to lunch with Meghann and Stephanie, which was nice to spend some time with friends. When I came back from lunch, Greyson had bed head. I could not stop smiling! I swear it was the cutest thing ever. He had a patch of hair sticking straight up. We’ve recently noticed that Grey loves to clutch things. Anything within reach his little hand will grasp. The nurse actually had to remove his hand from his ventilator tube last night. It looked liked he was trying to pull it out of his mouth. I’m sure he is tired of those tubes being in his mouth. Oh and speaking of tubes- he had his feeding tube placed back. We are starting over with 1 cc and going to check for any residual breast milk. There’s also a possibility that Greyson may have a tiny hole in his esophagus but we don’t want to speculate right now. If he continues to have undigested milk in his belly then we will test for this disorder next. So right now we are focusing on the lungs. I pray everyday for those tiny lungs!

I also had my staples removed yesterday! While at the women's clinic I spoke with one of my doctors that was monitoring me when I was first admitted into the hospital. We had a nice conversation. More importantly, she explained that I was still a hot topic among my group of doctors. She said she hoped that she didn't offend me but "my condition was definitely intriguing to them." She said that I simply did not fit the condition. Moreover, they can not link anything to why this occurred and why it occurred so early. She also explained that the reason they brought several resident groups into my room was to explain to them the oddity of preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome. I wondered why I would wake up to 6 intriguing faces in white coats :) She also asked to see my legs and ankles- she wondered what they really looked like. I too almost forgot that I have ankle bones and my legs were thin. As of today, all the swelling is gone and I pretty much look like my old self again. Unknowing of my situation- the nurse removing my staples said "wow, you look amazing" I smiled and politely let her know that my baby was very early. I was sad for a moment the other day when I realized that I do not have any pregnancy pictures. Now how will I prove to Grey that he is mine :)

So I’ve been wondering lately when I am going to be able to hold my precious baby; I haven’t had the courage to ask Grey’s doctor because I fear the answer. So for now I will wonder in silence and pray that it will be soon.

I am going to have Matthew take some more pictures either tomorrow or this weekend. With his new machine, Greyson wears yellow ear muffs because the new machine is considerably louder and we don’t want anything to disturb our little man. So Matthew will take some pictures of Grey with his new imuffs.

Aunt Ellen- we noticed that you joined the blog- good job!!

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