Saturday, September 26, 2009

Working for the Weekend

So it’s a rainy weekend but I have no complaints about staying inside all day with Grey!
Greyson has developed a running nose these last two days and is sneezing often- so now I am on guard. Our pediatrician doesn’t think it is a big deal and he hasn’t had a fever or any other serious symptoms. However, he despises the little suction bulb and really screams! So we will all be keeping a close eye on Grey Grey.

I’m sitting here eating lucky charms and watching him sleep. Do all babies look this peaceful? You know I prayed and begged for Greyson to grow and get bigger and now I am whispering to him to slow down- don’t look so big each night when I get home from work. Stay little and so sweet. Grey isn’t even 6 months and I am already mourning the loss of time.

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