Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mr. Cute Cute

I have to admit, we actually run around saying “Mr. Coote Coote!”

Gosh, I cannot even tell you all what a joy Greyson is to us. I love everything about him… every detail! I especially love that he lets me dress him up in silly hats and still maintains his pleasant disposition. I read a quote recently that said “a baby fills a void in your heart that you didn’t know what empty” Wow, isn’t that the truth!! Sometimes I fill like I may burst into a million love bits because my admiration for Grey is so overwhelming.

Just another day that I am seized with gratitude.

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stephl119 said...

When is his first modeling gig?? I'm serious! I showed this picture to a friend of mine at work and she was like, "he needs to be in a Baby Gap ad. I'd buy that hat!" It's true! He is TOO cute!

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