Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Boys

Matthew, Greyson and Uncle Peter.

We’ve had the pleasure of having Uncle Pete around for a few weeks. Pete has been helping Matthew and me with a remodeling job on our rental property. I’ve been chasing Pete around the house demanding he hold Grey. He has adjusted very well to having a baby around and even fed him a bottle the other day.

On a sad note, I return to work tomorrow. I’ve been denying this day’s arrival for some time now. I miss my co-workers but leaving Grey is going to be heart wrenching. I spend the majority of my day kissing, holding and cuddling Grey. My need to protect Greyson is overpowering to say the least- I am the momma bear! However, I am handing him over to Gigi, who is next in line behind Matthew and me in the love department. She adores Greyson and he will receive wonderful care. I just wish I was the one loving him all day. It’s painful to be away from him for even an hour.

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