Friday, September 11, 2009

Mini Trip

Grey's suitcase bed- we forgot the pack-n-play

Kara- thank you for the photo idea

Mr. Greyson had his first vacation! We drove to Indiana for the long weekend to stay with my aunt and uncle on the lake. I have to say he did wonderfully in the car! Seriously, he didn’t cry once. I can’t say this enough… Grey is such a good baby. Lately, I’ve been thinking that he’s forgotten how to cry.

He enjoyed the boat ride and ALL the attention! I’m pretty sure he was held the entire stay. My Aunt was astounded by his growth. She flew down twice to visit Grey in the hospital and the last time she saw him he weighed about 3 pounds.

Our newest thing is sucking. Suck everything. Grey loves to suck his fingers, arms and blankets. Oh and we are also drooling- some days more than others. And, little man has enough strength to stand on his legs- so strong!

We will visit the preemie clinic this month to check Grey’s development. I am eager to see where we are. We are very fortunate to have all these wonderful resources.

By the way- my newest fear his H1N1 (swine flu). We took Greyson to his surgery consult the other day and saw lots of masked faces. When I realized these covered faces were do to swine flu I panicked. Gigi and I enclosed Grey in the stroller and got out of the hospital. I asked my pediatrician if the surgical masks were necessary and she said “no.” Good thing because I’d probably make Grey wear one 24/7. We just have to make it through this winter without getting sick.

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