Saturday, May 23, 2009

Is that an elephant on my back?

Funny story, so I told Matthew the other day that I wanted to take a picture of Greyson with his elephant. This elephant is Grey’s first stuffed animal, Matthew purchased it from the VCH gift shop. I explained that I wanted to have a picture of Grey with his elephant at 3 pounds and another photo taken with the elephant when he is one year old. I’m sure the comparison will be astounding. Anyway- I was working the other day when Matthew visited to take the photos (so he received no direction). Above are a few of the shots he snapped. Now I was visualizing the elephant simply lying next to Grey’s exposed body but I guess you will get the same effect with the stuffed elephant laying on his back… haha. Matthew is too funny.

So I rushed over to the hospital on Friday afternoon because I had been thinking about holding that adorable little tater tot all day. I held him for over an hour and he was awake the entire time- wide eyed and looking so cute!! I realize that every mother thinks she has the cutest baby but Grey is so cute that I might consider eating him!! I guess cute is now edible. I told the nurse that when he comes home he is going to have mother induced rosacea because I am going to kiss his cheeks off. Besides being scrumptious, Greyson was being a bit impressive as well. The nurse was very impressed with his tracking ability. He now follows voices with his eyes. Maybe Greyson is going to be nosy like sweet cousin Taylor. My sister Emily has a baby girl (6 months) who is extremely observant and we relate that to being nosy. It is very entertaining to watch her eyes zoom around the room to follow every voices and all activity.

Now for the medical update: Greyson is 3 pounds 1 ounce. I just called the hospital to get his nightly weigh in and he didn’t gain any today so hopefully tomorrow he’ll gain an ounce. The nurse told me that he was so awake and active that she felt bad putting the cover back on the incubator. I have to admit that tugged at my heart… I wanted to run down the stairs yelling “Matthew, Grey is awake and wants to look at his parents!” However, it’s 11pm and my husband already thinks I’m obsessed with our 3 pound blessing and he’ll see enough of my face tomorrow. Back to the report- Grey is still tolerating his vapotherm well and we are consistently weaning him down, usually weekly. We continue to go up on feeds as well. Feeding is going to be our next big challenge. It has been determined that he definitely has reflux and soon we will have to move his feeding tube from his intestines to his belly and this is where the hard work begins. We also have to watch his heart-rate because it has been running high lately, which could be the result of several things. Overall, we’ve had another good week

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