Sunday, May 24, 2009


So everyone warns you that when you have a baby it changes your life. Well, I’ve witnessed a major change tonight… my husband sitting at the kitchen table making treats for Greyson’s nurses. I could not hide my huge smile as I watched him cut ribbon, tie bows and center stickers. By the way, the stickers read "NICU Nurses ROCK!" Maybe I can depend on him for some kiddie arts and crafts session later on down the road. I hope he doesn’t mind me posting the few shots I was able to steal while he was conscientiously working.

Matthew and I have decided to leave a glass treat jar in Grey’s room for his nurses. Who doesn’t love candy and chocolate? And I am sure they could use a little sugar rush every now and then. Furthermore, we want them to know we truly appreciate them. Lately we’ve been plotting ways on how to take home nurse Carlye! She taught us today how to swaddle Greyson and I hope Matthew absorbed the technique because I can only imagine what my swaddle style will look like… more like a lump than a tight burrito.

We really hope to see a weight gain tomorrow. It seems that Greyson is content weighing 3 pounds because the scale isn’t moving! However, his weight might not be changing but his character is definitely evolving. He is so funny to me. He makes faces and acts grumpy. Sometimes I look inside his isolette and wonder how my baby turned into ornery old man.

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