Thursday, May 14, 2009

Did I hear a squeak?

Well, Grey Grey is having another good week so far. Yesterday we did kangaroo care for 2 hours and it was wonderful. His stats were prefect the entire time. Greyson was moved on Tuesday night to the Children’s Hospital NICU. Matthew and I have been looking forward to this move. Grey now has his own private room which allows our visits to be more personal. It is also much quieter and relaxing.

I’ve been a little worried this week because Grey has lost a couple ounces. Today he weighed 2 lbs 14 ounces. However, there are two good reasons this weight loss has has occured: 1) He is burning more calories on the vapotherm because he is working harder to breathe 2) His PICC line has been removed, which provided additional nutrients, so now all his nourishments are coming from my breast milk. We began adding extra calories to his breast milk this week to help him beef up so hopefully he will start gaining again.

I went back to work this week so life has been busy. However, I do have lunch each day with the best company… Greyson! We have lunch together and then we visit after work. Greyson being within walking distance from me definitely alleviates some of my anxiety. I can check in whenever I want.

Oh and another milestone. Greyson makes sounds now! I actually heard him crying today. He is very hoarse from having the ventilator tube down his throat for 6 weeks but I certainly heard him squeaking out a cry. I felt sadness and excitement at the same time.


Sarah B. Quick said...

Kiley- yay for Greysons improvements- How are you and Matthew?

lmlangley21 said...

That is awesome that he is doing so well.... I know things are crazy, but in the end everthing works out for the best. It is a long road, but I know it is a path that you are willing to take to get the best result. Congrats on the progress that he is making. I am praying for you and your family each and every day!

John said...

GOLF PRO! As soon as we can get clubs in his hands we need too. Golf Pro, that's the ticket. Make tons of money on tour, famous, great golf name Greyson.

Great pictures you guys. This is so inspiring , I think I'll go have a few drinks to celebrate. Hey, you guys need to get out too! Get away from Joyce and Rob, I mean family is important but hey, to much Joyce will drive you nuts. (Rob lets go to the pub) LOL. Try Pork BBQ for Grey s diet that get him fattened up. Anyway love you guys. JDH

muggins mouse said...

YAY!! Squeaks!! :) Glad everything is going so well guys!! *hugs*!

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