Saturday, May 30, 2009

2 Months...

Greyson is 2 months old today. He weighs 3 pounds 9 ounces, which is very exciting to us! Our nurse mentioned tonight that I could start bringing in some little preemie outfits and we can attempt to dress him. I didn’t even know what to say? Can I find an outfit that small? I ordered him a “NICU suit” online, which was handmade by a woman in Australia and this will probably be the first outfit. He is going to be so cute in this suit! Honestly, I totally forgot about the idea of clothes and dress-up. I guess I thought I’d bring him home is a diaper.

Gigi (my mom) and I had a late night at the hospital. I held Greyson for over an hour and we truly examined every feature! Apparently he looks just like Matthew but I am determined to find one of my features… and I’ll continue to search that sweet face. I know I have mentioned this before but Grey is absolutely adorable. Lately I’ve actually been looking in his isolette and gritting my teeth! He is no longer breakable and I am eager to give him a good squeeze but I’ll wait a little longer before delivering my passionate love hug.

When Greyson was first admitted into the NICU he was neighbors with Willow, a 26 weeker born premature because her mother’s water broke at 24 weeks. Willow’s mother managed to last 2 weeks after her water broke and sweet little Willow was born weighing a little over 2 pounds. However, this tiny miracle only needed 8 hours of ventilator support. When we arrived, Willow had been in the NICU for over a month and weighed 3 pounds. Well, I checked in on Willow and momma tonight and was overwhelmed with joy to see a healthy 5 pounder ready to go home. I’ve followed their difficult journey and to see that home is in their near future feels amazing- there is a world outside the NICU for our babies.

Greyson has been having some “spells” these last few days and we are hoping this is something he will outgrow very soon. He’s been dropping his heart rate and desating, which use to make my knees buckle. I am now confident that Grey Grey will pull himself back up and breathe like a big boy. Sadly, I use to think that he was giving up and it would literally break my heart. Now I understand that being 3 pounds and doing all this incredible work is exhausting.


wehdostables said...

Aw, you go Grey! Congratulations on yet another milestone. You can find adorable preemie onesies at babies-r-us. I looked at my calendar from the nicu days and at 2 months Mary Farris was 3lbs 8oz! She was still on the vent so we had to cut her onesies a little to get them on, but it is so much fun. Please check our blog and see her first birthday pics. You will be surprised how quickly it sneaks up on you :0)

muggins mouse said...

Aw, yay!! I can't wait to see him in his cute little clothes!! Great to see you guys this weekend, even if it was in the middle of all the moving madness!! :)

Missy said...

You must be so encouraged by Grey's progress! I'm thrilled for you all!

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