Monday, May 11, 2009

At Last

Today was the day... the long awaited day! Matthew and I waited 41
days to hold our precious little Greyson. And the wait was well worth it!

I will no longer be the mother enviously watching as other mothers rock and cuddle their babies. Today was Grey's first day on Vapotherm. He is currently wearing a little nasal canula, which assists with breathing.

Grey is so tiny that I almost hestitated when the nurse spoke the longed-for words "would you like to hold Greyson today?" However, it felt perfect. For a moment nothing else mattered... I am a mother and this proves it! Grey did wonderful and his monitors proved that enjoyed out touch/holdings.

Today I don't want to focus on any other issues. I simply want to enjoy the day and remember our beautiful moment... Matthew and I held our son.


stephl119 said...

I am so, SO extremely ecstatic for you guys!! I am just thrilled that you got to hold you precious little boy. I am so proud of Greyson- he is doing so well and fought with you and Matthew for this moment (the first of many :)). I don't know if I'll be able to stop smiling today! I am so happy for yall!

bfly_82 said...

What a wonderful mother's day gift! It may have been a day late but it still counts. I am so excited for you. I could not imagine how you have felt the past 41 days, but I definitely remember like it was yesterday the first time I held Gavin. The only thing I will say is THEY GET HEAVIER! Before you know it you will have a 25 lb little boy pulling at your leg.
Congratualtions Kiley and Happy Mother's day.

muggins mouse said...

KILEY - MATT!!! That is AMAZING!! BIG BIG BIG hugs and I'm so happy for you guys!! Happy Mother's Day for sure!! I can't imagine how amazing it must have felt to hold your baby boy! He looks great in the pics and I'm so glad he's making such good progress.

Love you guys! And love to Grey!

Colette said...

What TERRIC news!! I can't think of any better Mother's Day you will never forget :) Know that you are all still in our prayers.

Robert said...

Matthew and Kiley....What a beautiful sight, seeing you holding your baby boy! I am overwhelmed with so many emotions, the joys of seeing you hold your child for the first time, and knowing Greyson is making wonderful progress. Grey came into this world with many obsticles to overcome and one by one he is accomplishing each task. Grey is a strong, adorable, precious, baby boy....soooo loved by many. My arms ache to hold and Matt are dedicated, loving parents...your priorities are in order and Greyson is so fortunate to have you as his Mommy and Daddy. I love you deeply...~Moma

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