Friday, August 27, 2010

A Small Saboteur

Someone who commits acts of sabotage earns the name saboteur.

Well friends and family, we have a saboteur among us! He deliberately weakens his parents through acts of disruption. He conceals his true intentions in the night by faking a pathetic cry. Once in the bed with his parents he starts his true disruptions. Head bombs is one of his new favs… standing and simply sitting on the heads of his sleeping parents. Circling kicks were in action last night. He rotates his body in a circular motion while providing kicks to both sets of parents. Singing songs in his exhausted parents ears… the lyrics consists of “no, no, no, no, no!” Unnecessary pillow sharing for Dad… try sleeping with a saboteur ½ inch from your face. And then there is the somewhat creepy laugh of the saboteur. Random acts of standing and walking around the bed while releasing a crazy giggle. This saboteur is surprisingly intuitive during his acts of disruption. One parent may arouse and say “please go to sleep!” And then attempt to roll away and hide from the saboteur. However, the saboteur will then crawl over their back and deliver a hug or cuddle with the tired parent… luring the parent back in with his sweet affection. Sometimes a parent may raise their voice and say something stern like "this isn’t going to happen again tomorrow night” and the saboteur will respond with a kiss. He’s clever and appropriately reactive.

Once the sabotage is committed and the work alarms sounds… the saboteur will sleep.

I caught a photo of him this morning- exhausted from this work... please beware

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