Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Conductor

So Greyson has been doing a lot of commanding lately… all with his little pointer finger. As soon as I get him out of the crib in the morning he is pointing and grunting. He usually points to a high shelf for some brief meddling – then he points for us to leave the room – then he directs us down the stairs and into the kitchen… all with his little finger. However, if you misinterpret the direction then there are consequences to pay… the consequences usually involve Grey and the floor. My favorite is the slow motion fit he throws on the floor – he gently lays himself on the floor and kicks around a bit. And then there is the more aggressive attack, which involves throwing himself against cabinetry and doors. I do my best to ignore these moments but sometimes a few laughs escape… I’m dying to capture this on video.

The Ears

Our appointment is on the 18th to check the fluid in Grey’s middle ears. I just know the fluid still exist. He is back to constantly rubbing his ears. And then he has those days when he just cannot maintain his balance. He walks at an angle these days and unintentionally runs into furniture. I’m anxious to get this appointment over and to move on with a solution, which will ultimately be surgery- tubes, placed in his ears for drainage. I order to avoid speech delays it is vital we correct this problem to restore proper hearing.

I’m not sure if we have any new words to share. His current favorites:

No No “while shaking his head”

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