Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Climber

So my baby is truly becoming a toddler. I can’t continue to deny reality…. He’s growing up (stopping for a moment to cry). I’m not sure when he turned into a toddler but it feels like overnight. He’s doing big boy things all the time. He loves to play outside and climb everything. He’s been a climber for a long time but now he truly has the ability to use his skills. His favorite adventure is currently the chair. He will find a way to climb into every chair in sight… then sit up like a big boy and wait for the praise! Just last night I was cooking dinner and turned around for about 3 minutes to tend the stove and when I turned around he was sitting in his high chair, proud as a peacock. I immediately thought that my husband or Uncle Pete has placed him in the chair but no one was around. I innocently asked “how did you get in there?!” Grey smiled and appeared very pleased with my concerned expression. I quickly removed him from the chair and casually mentioned to Matthew that he got into the high chair by himself… he seemed as equally confused by the statement. However, this morning I was able to capture the act on video! My baby is half toddler half monkey… which I’m not okay with either!

Climbed into the chair on Gigi's porch

Climbed into the rocker at our new house

Video Footage Coming Soon...


Anonymous said...

I was about to ask if yall had moved! I want to seeee!! :) Miss yall. Grey is cute as ever!

Emily Herbert said...

I'm going to squeeze his climbing little butt.

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