Saturday, May 1, 2010

News from the Preemie Clinic

Development Update

I haven’t updated the blog with our preemie clinic appointment results. Grey had his one year follow up visit about 2 weeks ago. Overall they are happy with his progress. However, there is a bit of concern about Grey’s weight. At the appointment he weighed 15 pounds 3 ounces. He isn’t gaining weight as quickly as we would all like. Their immediate suggestion was more concentrated formula to increase calories. Our pediatrician recommended adding olive oil to his baby food. There is a variety of suggestions surrounding this topic but I have an appointment next week with a nutritionist, who will do a full evaluation. I’m happy to say that Grey has gained a full pound since the appointment so he’s over 16 pounds today – I’m not completely concerned with this recent weight attention. Grey loves to eat everything – however, the bottle is proving to be the challenge. He isn’t too interested in his bottle lately. He refuses the bottle then immediately gobbles up veggies and fruits. I’m looking for ways to make his bottle more desirable- maybe I’ll add some ice cream!

Another milestone- Grey is walking behind toys! My sister dropped off a mini doll stroller the other day and suggested we allow Grey to push and walk behind it. Well, he is walking behind the stroller! He is also standing at random moments unassisted for a few seconds. My baby is growing into a toddler.

In the next few weeks I am going to start volunteering with Parents Reaching Out. This program was placed on hold last year due to funding but they are up and running again. I had an interview with the Director the other day and I shared our story. My role will be a peer counselor. I’ll talk with parents who are going through a similar NICU situation – I’m hoping to bring these scared, vulnerable parents some much needed comfort and support.


Jordan said...

Most pediatricians I know want babies to come off bottles at the 12-15 month mark, so isn't it good that the wants real food and not bottle? Or is this different for preemies either for timing or because he needs the nutrition in the formula still?

Emily Herbert said...

I think Grey is ready for meat and taters especially with that tooth :)

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