Monday, May 10, 2010

More Calories...

So we met with a Dietitian last week. Greyson weighed 16 pounds 9 ounces, which was a fantastic weight gain from his last appointment (15lbs 3 oz). However, his weight is comparable to a 6 month old and his adjusted age is 10 months. The Dietitian explained that it is important to help him catch up in the weight department b/c this can affect his overall growth development.

Here’s our plan:

4-5 bottles a day with 4oz of water and 3 full scoops of formula- add calories! It is a must that he stay on the high calories formula until July and then we might have to transition to Pedisure.

3 meals a day and snacks, snacks, snacks

I’m going to start adding butter/olive oil to the foods that I make him. I just made a breakfast batch that consisted of bananas, blackberries and peanut butter! Peanut butter is good and adds calories – I just worry about the choking hazard and that is why I threw it in the blender with the other fruits. And I must say the concoction was delish! I recently discovered that Grey loves Mexican rice and bean and the cheese dip! I’ll enviously watch as he indulges in bad calories! I’m slightly joking with that comment b/c it is important that he get all the needed nutrients and not just fill up on empty calories like sugar. Oh and I’ve bought avocados, which he now likes- more good fats.

So if anyone has any ideas on how to beef up my little biscuit… my ears are open!


Jordan said...

I see you are doing peanut butter with him. I have seen more and more kids younger than 2 having PB when until recently this was very forbidden for allergies and such. Is it ok now?

Kiley and Matthew said...

Hi Jordan!

Our Dietitian said PB was a good idea and a great source of protein. I hope it is not forbidden :) I have a niece and nephew under 2 and they both eat PB too!

Emily Herbert said...

Velveeta makes everything Yummy and Fatty!!!

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