Monday, January 4, 2010

Hello 2010

Hello 2010!
You know, I thought about titling this blog entry… good riddance 2009, however, I’ve steered towards a more positive approach. Although 2009 was definitely one of the most difficult years – we had our joyous moments… like bringing home Grey after 102 days in the NICU. This experience has strengthened Matthew and me, including our marriage. Moreover, we have both experienced a new love. Unconditional love is attainable. As the Bible says, "sons and daughters are an inheritance from God; the fruitage of the belly is a reward." Greyson is our precious inheritance- such a valuable prize.

We took a trip to IN over the extended holiday weekend. Grey decided that he’d grow up and act like a big boy during this trip. He appears to be preparing to crawl. He is getting himself into the crawl position and rocking- it is so funny! And he loves to stand. Stand him up against anything and his grinning face will light up the room. He has also taken a liking to our iphones. On our car ride home he watched youtube videos of Super Why and was completely mesmerized.

I’ll post the video of him rocking later today.

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Emily said...

Oh Grey-Grey,
U-tube junkie already?? Its okay....Everyone loves Wyatt & Pig !!
Especially your Cousin Taylor Kay :)
and i think your about to crawl too!!!! Cant wait !!!!!

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