Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Beep Beep

Beep Beep…

Matthew and I have been taking Grey for car rides all around the house. He is really starting to be interactive with all his toys. He loves to whack the keys on his piano toy. He is still rocking. Matthew and I witnessed him crawl backwards yesterday. Oh and he is also saying “Da Da Da” Not sure how that one happened… I was for sure he would say “Ma Ma Ma.” Daddy continues to win the entertainment award. Grey gets excited just seeing him. Moreover, he starts giggling and his little legs just kick and kick when Matthew walks through the door.

Grey has really been looking like a big boy this week. He gets another synagis shot on Friday and I am eager to know his weight. The frozen breast milk supply is close to gone. It is amazing how fast it goes. Anyway- we have been giving him NeoSure, high calorie formula for prematurity. He really seems to like the flavor and his insides tolerate it well. And I really feel like I noticed a difference in weight and size- those extra calories are starting show.

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