Saturday, October 23, 2010

City Street

City Streets

We spent Saturday running errands and strolling around downtown Nashville. Matthew and I both have a love for the city and I am especially interested in urban life. Living in a small downtown condo sounds ideal to me. I am especially interested in “walkable” options… we currently can’t walk anywhere, except the neighborhood pool. Maybe one day in the future I can convince my husband that urban life is for us. All 3 of us cramped into a tiny downtown condo- fighting for closet space – and alone time. I’d make the trade for a stress free commute and a within walking distance grocery!

We had lunch at Ru Sans and attempted to share some sushi bites with Grey – he wasn’t interested. He actually wasn’t interested in food at all today. Unfortunately, I think he is battling a cold and I pray it stays at the cold stage and doesn’t progress into something more serious. I was actually just researching foods for 18 month olds. I’m starting to feel like Grey eats the same things every week. Tater tots, grapes, strawberries, bananas, and peanut butter are the main foods of his diet – kind of lame. Of course I add the occasional squash, sweet potatoes and carrots but he’s gotten very picky. He’s not interested in my homemade baby food- which makes me a bit sad. He prefers to eat items that he can pick up or jab around with a fork or spoon. I think he has surpassed baby food. If anyone has any special toddler recipes or ideas to share- please pass them along. I do my best to introduce new foods but lately I’ve gotten boring in the kitchen.

Below are some pictures from our day. Yes- my hair is no longer blonde – a decision my hair dresser surprised me with this weekend…


happymcfamily said...

SWEET POTATO FRIES (These will not be of the same texture as "regular" french fries)

Scrub sweet potatoes clean and/ or peel them if baby cannot handle the skins.
Cut into sizes that will suit your needs or, cut into strips that you may then cut down after baking
In a large bowl, add about 1/4 cup of olive oil.

To this you may add cinnamon & brown sugar

Toss the cut up sweet potatoes into the bowl and stir so that the potatoes are drenched with the olive oil mix.
Dump mixture onto a baking sheet, drizzle remaining olive oil over the potatoes on the baking sheet.
Stir and swirl the potatoes on the baking sheet before placing in oven.
Bake for approx 30-45minutes or until tender at 400F

stephl119 said...

Kiley- your hair is SO long!! I like the new color, too. However, seeing your hair so long reminds me how long it's been since I've seen you! We need to change that soon :) Hope Grey is feeling better today.

Scott said...

He just looks like a perfect little angel sitting by that tree!
I have had those thoughts often - just move downtown, have less space but have a whole different lifestyle! My biggest 'no' to that is that my parents are 12 minutes down the road here in SH and that would be a lot to give up. It's just an added 30-40 minutes but it would end the 'pop in' visits and frequent baby sitting.

As far as foods goes, Charlottes favs are: Chicken fries or nuggets, baked sweet potatoes or potatoes with cheese and a little butter, the single serve velveeta shells and cheese cups, mandarin oranges, sliced carrots, peas, deli ham, spaghetti, shredded cheese, oatmeal and cereal. She does not like 'mixed' foods like casseroles, she likes having one thing in each part of her plate - like chicken, veg, fruit, applesauce. Won't do sandwiches or anything yet but actually just ate her first soft taco with beef and cheese. We save any carbs/breads/crackers/etc for snacks. All that to say, maybe stick with single tastes while he is getting used to new flavors and textures.

Jordan said...

oh man, my dad was on my computer and must have signed in to his google account! That "scott" comment is from me!

Kiley and Matthew said...

Thanks Becca & Jordan for the recipes!

Robert said...

Oh how I love that baby!!!!

Love, ~ Moma

Katie said...

Does he do grilled cheese sandwiches? Although Brady hasn't hit the picky stage yet (he'll currently eat ANYTHING), I often make grilled cheese sandwiches with veggies in the middle and chop the sandwich up into little pieces so he can feed himself. (I've done them with broccoli, grilled green/red peppers, tomatoes and peas inside.) Of course, it only works if Grey does grilled cheese sandwiches...

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