Saturday, October 2, 2010

the barn

We are still getting settled into our new home. Now that all the unpacking is complete we’ve had the opportunity to pause and enjoy some details. I absolutely love our back porch. The view is so simple and peaceful. We are fortunate to not have any homes behind our house… just a country view. Matthew and I have been drinking coffee in the mornings and discussing the old remnants of a barn that still exists. This old barn is so cool. I would love to see an old picture of what the barn looked like in its prime years. Today we ventured out to get a closer look…

Of course Grey tagged along...

And then back to the porch again to rest and admire the old barn

You know, I'm tempted to contact the developer of our community just to let him know how much we enjoy the old barn. I’d be terribly sad if I woke to find it demolished and a new home foundation in its place.

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