Monday, June 14, 2010


Last week we took a family vacation to Seaside, Fl. For those of you not familiar with Seaside… google it! It is a peaceful little beach town that is beautiful and oh so cute! Destin, Fl is another popular vacation spot and Seaside is within a drive so if visiting Destin anytime soon I suggest you make the 30 minute trip to Seaside.

This was a much needed vacation for our family. I loved getting to spend every hour with Matthew and Greyson. The ocean was gorgeous (no tar balls or oil sightings). Grey seemed to enjoy his dips in the ocean and pools. I personally enjoyed the fresh shrimp, key lime pie, ice cream and shopping!

I was reading a magazine that described beach life in Seaside…

Life is different at the beach
Time doesn’t move hour to hour
But mood to moment
We live by the currents
Plan by the tides and follow the sun

This is true! For one week our lives were not controlled by time or work. I daydreamed often of owning one of the adorable cottages and being able to retreat to the beach when life gets hectic. I hope we can return again soon. I’m thankful that this almost fairy tale like town exist for those of us often too busy to truly enjoy family time.

Our Cottage

The Town


Emily Herbert said...

Love that you enjoyed Seaside!! And I want to squeeze Grey with that little bike ride helmet on! Maybe Poppy and Gigi should get baby carriers/seats on their bikes! And then we/they could bike the babies to the pool? Ha!

by robin reed design said...

Seaside is heaven on earth!

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