Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Okay so I’m a little frustrated, well to be completely honest I’m flat out troubled. Greyson and I met his audiologist this morning. He failed both hearing test. He has fluid in both ears. Really? I’m shocked since he just had a sick appointment last Monday and his ears were checked. And the week before our appointment I stopped by the walk-in clinic just to have his ears checked. Both appointments I received “clear” results. “Ears look good.” Now Grey fails both hearing screens b/c he has a fluid wall blocking sound in both ears. This is a big deal b/c it is possible that he has had fluid in his ears since the first ear infections which were over 4 weeks ago. Furthermore, the audiologist explained that it is impossible to continue with normal speech/language development when sound is completely muffled in both ears.

Now here is where the recent frustration comes from. I called Grey’s pediatrician’s office and spoke with a nurse who explained that fluid in the ear is not treated. Really? I asked if I should just skip an appointment with their office and make an appointment with the ENT (ears, nose & throat). She then explained that the earliest appointment is 3 weeks out. So we have an appt with the pediatrician on Thursday but I have no idea what we will resolve… if anything. Obviously she will look in his ears but right now there isn’t a sign of infection… just the fluid. Infection is treated- fluid is not. I mean having fluid in your ear can not be comfortable. I’ve had swimmer’s ear and it was awful and so painful. It is safe to assume that this hidden fluid problem is important!

By the way- I just read this “Middle ear fluid is a hidden problem that can powerfully affect our children's experiences of the world. When we are aware of its presence, we can take appropriate steps to insure that our kids have the richest opportunities to explore the fascinating world around us”

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Only the Sheppards said...

I feel your pain! Dax could never pass a hearing test due to chronic fluid... We had tubes put in last April... Then, a couple of months ago, we had his ears checked twice because he wasn't responding to noise as well and wasn't babling as much, in addition to digging in his left ear all the time... But both folks said no fluid, and the tubes were still in. Fast forward a week until our ENT appointment, and he had fluid in the left ear and the tube was still present, just not where it is supposed to be. Soooo, more tubes on the 11th. We could "wait" to see if the fluid goes away, but if he has a history of chronic fluid anyway, I feel like that's valuable time lost.

At any rate, we love Goudy at Vandy for ENT. Smart and cute, a great combination! Good luck with Grey's ears!

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