Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Antibotics... yay or nay?

Grey had another trip to the doctor yesterday. We just can’t seem to rid the cough and congestion. He just came off an antibiotic for 10 days but it appears he might need another round. Our main concern is pneumonia. Here’s my battle- do I push for another round of antibiotics or do I take the precautionary approach and recognize that the overuse of antibiotics will hurt your child in the long run? I personally feel like Matthew pushed for an antibiotic during our first visit 2 weeks ago, which I advised he take this approach since I could not make the appointment. However, I understand that the common cold does not warrant a need for an antibiotic. But do I really have time to waste with a baby that already is susceptible to respiratory infections due to his extreme prematurity? Am I weakening an already weakened immune system with the overuse of antibiotics? What to do? Needless to say, we are ready to say goodbye to winter and welcome some sunshine and healthier days.

Gigi called me this morning and promised that Grey said “momma” I’ll have to hear it to believe it. He shouts “da da” at me all day! He is crawling all over the place, his favorite find is a cord. He loves our cell phone cords, the cord to my hair straightener in the bathroom, the cord to the lamp- which he used to yank the lamp off the end table last week. The days of Grey lying in the bed between Matthew and me playing with a toy are over! This little guy is into everything and constantly on the move.

We took the new picture on the blog last week. Grey’s first snow picture.


MoDLin said...

Oh, he is gorgeous! I can appreciate your apprehension about signing him up for another round of antibiotics, but pneumonia would be awful. Perhaps when he is older and stronger you can take more of a "precautionary approach." If your doc knows how you feel about antibiotics and is still recommending a new one for Grey, I'd take the doc's advice.

Kiley and Matthew said...

Just an update: Grey is taking the antibiotics. Who was I kidding?! I am a nervous wreck when it comes to his health.

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