Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Surgery Update

Greyson is home and doing great! We left the children’s hospital around 9am this morning. Our night nurse swore that Grey was the best baby she ever cared for. He is such a trooper! I almost had a mini break down yesterday. We arrived 2 hours before surgery as instructed and the nurse was prepping Grey and asking all the questions. During these questions I mentioned putting a table spoon of cereal in his 5am bottle. Well, you would have thought that I said I fed him a turkey dinner with extra dessert! Cereal in the bottle is considered a solid food so the surgery had to be pushed back 2 hours. So the 2 hours quickly turned into 5 hours and here I am struggling to comfort a starving 8 month old. I felt horrible and Grey was being so good but definitely crying out a random moments and attempting to eat the bed linens. I was really blaming myself for this one; however it would have been nice if someone from peds surgery would have mentioned to me that cereal was not allowed. Now I totally understand the need for an empty stomach. This prevents vomiting that could cause a patient to choke to death or to aspirate stomach contents into the lungs and develop pneumonia. So I was fine with the extended wait but not the 5 hour extended wait! Poor Grey Grey.

Anyway- another lesson learned. As a mother, I learn something new everyday. Today- another lesson in gratitude. Thankful again that Grey continues to amaze us.

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Emily said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!Aunt EM is going to Squeeze Grey right out of that hospital Gown. It makes me think that Grey might be the next Karate Kid. I hate it that he had surgery, but he is so cute in that picture!!!!!!!!!! We love Grey-Grey!!!!!!

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