Sunday, November 8, 2009

Little Biscuit


2 months ago

Little Biscuit.

For some reason I have been calling Grey little biscuit all weekend. Maybe it’s because he too is warm and delicious.

I definitely noticed this morning that Greyson no longer fits in his NICU bath bucket. I haven’t used this tub in about 2 month and I was shocked to see his little limbs hanging over the sides. He is getting big. I say this like 100 times a week and then follow it with a long whiny sigh.

We’ve scheduled surgery to correct his inguinal hernia for the 30th of this month. I’ve been putting this off for some time now. I have such strong emotions surrounding this surgery. I do not want my baby staying another night in the hospital. I started to cry the other day on the phone when talking to the nurse. She tells me that he can’t have breast milk after 6am and I start crying. I wonder if that is the usual response from a parent.


Daxton's Personal Assistant said...


The surgery will be fine... I know how traumatizing it is going back in the hospital, but he will be fine, and so will you. Cry as much as you need to! You've earned that right!

Jeff and Jordan said...

he looks so solemn in the recent bath photo! Just like "hey, check me out. Yea I'm in a tub, just chillin" So cute :) Glad he is getting big and strong! I'm sure he'll come through the surgery just fine! Is this the last one he'll need?

Debra said...

That top picture could be on a calender.
He looks like he is thinking "hey, I'm soaking...
so what?" Sooo cute!

Emily said...

I'm going to butter your biscuit Grey-Grey!!!

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