Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pod A

Well Folks, we are moving right up in the NICU world. Greyson has been moved to Pod A. This is very exciting, pod A is the “go home pod!” We seem to be on track with my due date (July 6). Pod A is like having your own private suite. Television, private bath, fold-out couch and Grey in a crib! When we receive confirmation that Greyson will be coming home soon (say 2 weeks). I will start staying the night with Mr. Man. However, I’m tempted to drag in my blankets and have a little sleepover now.

Overall, we are doing well. We continue to practice with breast/bottle feeding. Greyson didn’t do so well yesterday with the bottle. Lots of gagging and he wanted to keep his tongue at the top of his mouth. Therefore, we are going to bring in a speech therapist for a feeding consult. Speech therapist work with premature babies to implement early feeding intervention and will provide an assessment of any issues. Basically the speech therapist will provide an analysis of Greyson’s feeding skills, which includes suck swallow breathe coordination and the ability to maintain a calm organized state during feeds. Preemies will get so excited about feeding that they forget to breathe or simply choose not to breathe so they can focus on the food.

Oh and I almost forgot, Mr. Piggie weighed in last night at 5 pounds 9 ounces.


Robert said...

Kiley and Matt, Your strength, love and devotion to Greyson has been untouchable. Your dedication has been an example to many. Grey has been blessed to have you as his parents. You have always been his best advocate. I watched a tiny little being that had so many obsticles in front of him become a thriving infant that has a bright future. God has been with you on this journey, often holding you up when your hope was lost. I am so grateful to have Greyson...I look forward to him coming home, and allowing you and Matt to have your baby with you, and be a family. Dad and I love you both very much....and look forward to sharing our lives with little Grey. Our family awaits the day you bring Greyson home. We are so proud of you.....

muggins mouse said...

oh my GOSH!! that is SUCH great news Kiley!!! i can't believe he's almost six pounds!! so happy for you all!

tons of love,

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