Saturday, June 6, 2009

4 Pounder!!

Yep, it’s true… Greyson weighs 4 pounds! I can not believe we have come so far. It is truly astounding. Just 2 months ago, Matthew and I were leaving the hospital and Matthew said in a very defeated voice “why do we have the sickest baby in the NICU?” While Grey was in the Stahlman NICU it was clearly obvious that he was one of babies that needed the most care. He was also the smallest… from what we could see. However, today we see a meaty little 4 pounder with a double chin!

Another milestone, we attempted to breast feed today! Greyson’s feeding tube has been moved from his mouth to his nose, giving him a clear entrance for proper sucking. This is something we will continue to work on, Grey had a very confused expression (we captured the look above) Honestly, he was making such funny faces I could not stop laughing. I’m sure some of the confusion was coming from the vibrated feel of my laughter. Again- this is a milestone that I could not envision… I could not see us getting here.

We received a beautiful quilt in the mail today (thank you Lois) and the note urged us to actually use the quilt- "put in on the floor and allow the baby to play on it." Well, that is exactly what we will do. I can see Greyson playing on this quilt; I can see him in our home, playing with his toys, simply being a baby. I have had such difficulty seeing beyond the NICU; a daily battle with fear. I have been incapacitated by the unknown and finally it is letting up.

We started dressing Greyson this week. Above are a few shots of our little man looking like a newborn.


Anonymous said... I am in love with your sweet baby! He is absolutely the cutest, most precious little guy ever. I want to squeeze those little 4 pound baby cheeks!
Love the crab outfit by the way :)

wehdostables said...

LOVE the pics. He is so adorable. Hope we get to see you when we come for our appointments on Thursday!!

muggins mouse said...

look at that FACE!! he's so precious guys!!! look at his cute little outfits!! he's getting so BIG!! :) YAY!

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