Sunday, February 19, 2012

A little Sunday Snow

It actually snowed today… I guess this is proof that old man winter is still alive. Of course we had to run outside and snap a few shots of the first snow of 2012!

I decided today that I should update the ole blog. Everyone deserves to see some updated pictures of Mr. Grey. You might be just as surprised as myself… he’s growing right into a little boy. He talks all the time, did I mention he talks ALL the time! Today he’s been constantly rambling about Wonder Pets and saving a duck! We’ve had a couple long conversations about trucks too.

So, I should update you all on our no pediasure diet. This has definitely proven to be a wise decision. The random vomiting seems to be issue of the past. Grey now drinks high calorie soy milk from Bright Beginnings. He still takes a bottle in the mornings and usually another in the late evening. No, it’s not ideal to have our almost 3 year old still drinking out of a bottle, however, milk in a cup just isn’t working for us at the moment… sometimes you simply have to roll with what is working for you. Grey’s been in feeding therapy for almost 3 months and it’s unfortunate to report that we haven’t seen any true improvements in the weight category. I’m not really sure what I was expecting from this form of therapy but I can say that I’m a bit disappointed. I’ve learned a few techniques and tips but I think it’s time to part with our weekly feeding therapy. I’m actually going to call Monday and say thanks for your effort and time but we are going to continue on with our lives, which will not include a Friday surrounded by constant rushing and long commutes to and from Vanderbilt to end with Grey wiggling out of a booster seat and throwing all vegetable items that hit his tray. At times these visits were entertaining but they all ended with the same conclusion… the toddler has eating issues.

Grey weighs close to 23 pounds. We’ll continue to do our best and dedicate special attention to his diet. He actually ate multigrain Tilapia for lunch today, which is a big deal in my book!


Amanda said...

he's beautiful! Great images!
Sorry to hear of your struggle with feeding.

Unknown said...

Woohoo on the Multigrain Tilapia.
Our (2 yr old) twins are not even 19 pounds so I understand your frustration with the weight. We just started with a Nutritionist so we will see how that goes. The funny thing is our twins eat-however they are under the 5% for their age.
I love the pic, and I remember the snow. We were in the hospital with our fourth-Jonathan at the time.-Jaminthia

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