Thursday, June 30, 2011

To the Mountains

Well – we took a little trip to Chattanooga to visit the aquarium and the creative discovery children’s museum. The penguins were the highlight of the aquarium and the “river play” was a blast at the museum. It was a bit relieving to have a few hours of acceptable hands on play. Grey is very hands on with everything, which causes Matt & I to constantly chase him down in stores and our home to remove potentially dangerous items. We also planned at visit to Rock City – how could we not stop when there are like 600 billboards along the way to Chattanooga marketing the tourist attraction – I felt like they earned my business. And wow, talk about nature’s beauty! I had no idea that I’d actually enjoy this journey. The ancient rock formations and breathtaking views were definitely appreciated… I do mean breathtaking if you are any bit uneasy of heights. I experienced an innate cautiousness at many of the amazing views. I couldn’t even focus on the famous “see 7 states” because I was to busy monitoring each foot step while holding Grey. One of my favorite memories will be Greyson whispering "monsters" each time we entered a dark cavern.

Grey giving the fake penguin a sweet hug.

Everyone say "Cheese" for our Cheesy moment!

Lover's Leap

I hope there's incoming teeth in Grey's mouth b/c he's back to eating his hands!

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